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A Collaborative Community

A member-based, not-for-profit that facilitates collaboration to improve B2B data exchange.

A Data Standards Body

Industry-owned XML & JSON data standards, enabling efficient and agile use of technology across lending.

Innovation & Compliance

Innovative standards management approach supports your regulation & compliance requirements.

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LIXI Insights Blog

Protected: Celebrating the Increasing Rate of LIXI2 Adoption

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December Standards Release Announcement

LIXI is pleased to announce new updates to the LIXI standards, published on the 10th of December.

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LIXI appoints new Board Chair

LIXI is pleased to announce the Mike Thanos has been elected as Chairman of the LIXI Board.

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'Fostering Collaboration since 2000'

LIXI has enjoyed strong support since being established with a large base of licensees and members from across the Lending Industry.

Who uses LIXI?

Lenders and Finance Providers

Incoming electronic messages based on the LIXI standards are frequently used as the basis for electronic lodgement of applications for credit.

Aggregators, Broker Groups and Mortgage Managers

These organisations frequently generate electronic messages for the lodgement of applications of credit from their internal CRM systems.

Service & Software Providers to the Lending Industry

An ever increasing number of suppliers of services along the lending chain transmit electronic messages based on LIXI, from insurance providers, valuation firms as well as many software providers.

LIXI Collaborative & Community Events available to our Members

Conversation Series

A great opportunity for employees of our member organisations to network and collaborate with colleagues in the industry.

Annual Forum

The annual LIXI Forum is the flagship event for the sharing of ideas and networking for employees of our member organisations.

Standards Development

Our LIXILab environment is our platform for collaboratively developing the suite of LIXI standards to meet our members needs.

Innovation in Standards Management

We use efficient, modern development practices and tools to request, discuss, implement and test changes.

LIXI Standards

The latest versions of the LIXI standards are available as XML or JSON schemas, and come with a comprehensive data dictionary and glossary, helping standardise the language of lending. Standards are available to LIXI Members and Licensees via the Downloads page.

Credit Applications

Standards for electronic lodgement of Credit Applications. Includes mortgages, cards, personal finance, commercial & business lending. Available for Australia (CAL) and New Zealand (CNZ).

Credit Decisions & Serviceability

Standards for interfacing credit origination systems with serviceability calculators (SVC) & credit decision systems (CDA) in order to facilitate the processing of credit applications.

Mortgage Insurance

Standards for interfacing between lenders and insurers for submission, approval and return of policy information for mortgage insurance applications (LMI).


Standards for interfaces between lenders, valuers and related service providers to order, execute and return reports for real estate valuations (VAL).

Document Preparation & Settlements

Standards for generating the documentation necessary to originate a credit product or to engage with entities that take part in aspects of the settlement process (DAS).

Account Creation

Enables electronic messaging between lenders and loan servicing organisations, or lender core banking systems, when creating a new loan account (ACC).